Téma: Harvest

Harvest is for transfering resource to planet on that you are currently on from all other planets and moons.
You can use harvest 6 times in 1 day, counter resest in 00:00 Time zone UTC +01:00.

If u need more harvest u can buy form list 1,3,6 harvest or buy 1 or 2
days unlimited and if u buy some of unlimited harvest you can extend it
by 1 or 2 days wenn ever u want.

Possible problems:

1.To avoid lossing of resource from planets when using harvest you have to click on EVERY planet before harvest.

2.If mines after harvest aren't producing resource click on every planet after using harvest.

3. If you have negative energy for mines on planets after harvest you have to enter resource screen on that planets, and to avoid that problems don't build high level of deuterium power plants.